Desert Quinn

During the 15-week UX/UI Deep Dive Bootcamp, I learned about why behavioral analysis is so important in UX/UI design, and how to design with people in mind. We did this by discovering research methodologies, discussing design in everyday objects, as well as learning about basics of color theory, layout design, and typography. As the "Mantiflora Desert Co-Op" my partner, Ryan Corlett, and I used what we learned to develop a demo of an original game called Desert Quinn. Ryan was the lead asset, environment, and character artist of the project.

Desert Quinn is a casual, exploration resource management game that has players navigating a vast, colorful Southwestern environment. We began our game development journey with UX research to collect data about game design, in order to answer our design question. We used software such as Figma and Miro in the planning and prototyping stages and developed the game in GamerMaker Studio. I lead game development and programming, where I wrote and created various functions and controls of sprites, sounds and prompts, that brought the game to life.