Plate It Forward

During the 10-week Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp, I learn the fundamentals of modern web development, focusing on a foundation in the JavaScript stack plus the latest technologies including React, HTML, CSS, Git, PostgreSQL, and software architecture principles. In the final 6 weeks of the course I collaborated with team members Alex Mostaghni and Sergio Salas to create Plate It Forward.

Plate it Forward is a webapp and prospective business, that tackles hunger and food waste in Albuquerque by partnering with local restaurants and community centers to provide free meals to those in need. As a team we planned and outlined the goals and ideas for the app, developed and tested API's, as well as design and build the interactive, mobile-responsive frontend.

Plate it Forward is the 2nd place winning app of UNM and CNM's 2022/2023 Mobile App Contest.

Github Repository Video Presentation